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audio samples

Bridal March (452kb)
I Must Be Dreaming (351kb)
Moonlight Samba (475kb)
Morning of the Starfish (235kb)
Open Heart (471kb)
Passion Dance (352kb)

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"Our guests loved listening to your music. They thought it was perfect for our ceremony and the setting."

- Barbara Reiner

"We were very pleased with your performance at our wedding. It was wonderful! We had many favorable comments about the band from both young and old."

- Jeanette and Rich Schumacher

"You are a true master of your craft. Your music was the touch that symbolized our perfect wedding".

- Ryan & Jeanette

"The people were there. The food was fantastic, but Tomas and his partner Obie made the event perfect and memorable. The tempo of the day was reflected properly and the music enjoyed thoroughly by the guests! I love your CD's, but to have you play at our wedding was absolutely lovely. Thank you so very much. I'm so glad we found you!"

- Emily (Mattas) Pudell and Ron Pudell

clients and/or venues

Sheraton Palace S.F.

The Grand Hyatt

Villa Mount Eden Winery

Tiffany's Union Square

The Saint Francis Weston

The Sol y Luna

... and many, many more.

Tomas currently performs regularly at the elegant Jack's Bistro in Jack London Square.

Photo: Tomas Michaud Tomas Michaud: Guitar

Tomas Michaud, a composer as well as a performer, has performed at numerous weddings, birthday parties, corporate and many other events.

As he explains, "It gives me great pleasure to see the effect my music has on people and to hear the compliments during and after events."

After a recent performance, Cherie Fontaine, the manager of the Glen Ellen Tasting Room, stated "I highly recommend Tomas Michaud. His musical style and talent was a splendid treat for our tasting room."

Tomas explains the options he provides clients for each of his performances:

OPTION 1: Solo performance (with tracks).

"The tracks (or band in a box as I call it) is something I have developed over years and I have received a great response. It consists of a high-quality digital recording of the music from my CDs without the melody guitar. I use a professional CD player at the performance connected to a top-end sound system. The sound is natural, very realistic and allows me to perform with less people and retain the quality of my recordings. Advantage: Great control over volume. Good for places where volume or budget is an issue."

OPTION 2: Duo performance (with tracks)

"Pretty much the same [as option 1], but would include a live percussionist along with myself. This adds a little more rhythm element and color to the reception. Part of it I think is the sound of live percussion, but I think there is a visual element also with the colorful instruments and the intricate coordinated movements of a professional percussionist - maybe a little of the same appeal as a talented dancer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED where a room can support 50 people or more."

OPTION 3: The guitar duo.

"More texture and variety than the single guitar, both sound wise and visual. Not quite as lively as with the live percussion. Recommended for smaller rooms or when a more subdued sound is desired."

OPTION 4: The Guitar Duo with Live Percussion.

"The best of both worlds. Of course more money, but worth it."

OPTION 5: The New World Flamenco Quartet.

"What can I say. This is the 100% real thing. Four talented, experienced musicians working together to create magic."

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